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A Practical Guide to SAP Cloud Integration

This handbook explains the basics of interface modeling with SAP Cloud Integration. In addition to development, this book also focuses on monitoring and the secure operation of these interfaces. You will learn how to use predefined "plug-and-play interfac...



  • Foreword
  • 1 Interface platforms
  • 2 SAP Business Technology Platform
  • 3 Interface development with SAP CPI
  • 4 Integration patterns
  • 5 Example scenario
  • 6 Standard integration content
  • 7 Monitoring and operations
  • 8 Additional topics
  • 9 Summary and outlook
  • A The author
  • B Disclaimer

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2.1 Integration Platform as a Service

SAP’s iPaaS currently includes the following services (and the offering is continuously evolving):

  • API Management
  • Cloud Integration (CPI)
  • Connectivity Service
  • Event Mesh (Enterprise Messaging)
  • Integration Advisor
  • Open Connectors
  • SAP Data Intelligence
  • SAP Edge Services
  • SAP IoT

Overview of SAP Business Technology Platform services

For further information about current services and their costs, please refer to:

Two different editions of SAP CPI are currently available: the Process Integration (PI) edition and the more comprehensive enterprise edition. The PI version includes three connections and ten gigabytes of bandwidth per production environment. One connection is an application, typically an IP address, through which messages are exchanged. Additional connections can be licensed, with additional costs. The enterprise edition, on the other hand, includes additional services (e.g., B2B adapter, covered in Section 8.1, and Enterprise Messaging, see Section 8.6) and is not limited in the number of connections.

Since 2019, SAP has been bundling these rather self-sufficient services under the term SAP Integration Suite (see Figure 2.1). The aim is to improve their coexistence and interaction and to make them easier to market.

SAP Integration Suite is currently licensed in three different editions, each providing a different number of environments:


Figure 2.1: SAP Integration Suite

SAP CPI editions

An overview of the available editions can be found in the following SAP blog:

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