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A Practical Guide to the SAP Cloud Connector

This practical guide explores the architecture and daily use of SAP Cloud Connector. Examine key roles and activities for SAP Basis consultants, developers, and operators. For Basis consultants: receive instruction on installation and configuration. Troub...

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  • Preface
  • 1 Connecting systems
  • 2 Different roles
  • 3 Basis activities
  • 4 Development
  • 5 Operations

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2.1 SAP Basis consultants

The SAP Basis consultants’ main objectives are:

  • Planning and architecture
  • Installation according to requirements
  • Maintenance of the running system
  • Keeping the solution in line with the company’s vision

2.1.1 Planning and architecture

The Basis consultant has to work with the architect to determine if any SAP Cloud connector(s) are required in the system landscape. The first priority, and the main reason why the SAP Cloud Connector is installed, is security. From a security perspective, placing the server within the DMZ (demilitarized zone) is the best solution. Another option is to install the server in the internal network, where the SAP Cloud Connector resides in the same space as the back-end system. This approach is more flexible with respect to firewall traffic rules. In addition to security, other important activities include choosing a partner, working out an SLA (service-level agreement), and making both the initial costs and maintenance costs transparent. An initial calculation has to be made in order to choose the right hardware and operating system.

2.1.2 Actual installation

Once the choice has been made to install an SAP Cloud Connector (or several), a formal project needs to be established. The installation involves many complex activities performed by different teams, which are often from different companies.

The main teams involved are:

  • System integrator
  • SAP Basis
  • Cloud provider
  • SAP development
  • SAP operations
  • (Internal) Customer with whom interfacing is done
  • Security department
  • Architect
  • Budgeting

One part of this project is performance testing. As good practice, some real-world interfaces need to be built as a proof of concept. While this can increase time and costs for the project, it is efficient and effective to perform these activities within the project. If this work is not done as part of the project, then rework will have to be done, which is often very costly.

The Basis team needs to set up an authorization matrix, determining who can have admin rights on the SAP Cloud Connector and on the underlying operation system. Ideally the admin roles for the SAP Cloud Connector and the operation system should not be assigned to the same person. Audit logs should be write-protected.

2.1.3 Performance tuning and general maintenance

Once the systems are up and running, the Basis consultant has to periodically monitor performance, the cleanup of files, etc. Alerts, once set up, notify of any issues with different priorities, and these will have to be handled by the consultant.

2.1.4 Upgrade and planned architecture

With dynamic environments, projects with new functionalities come and go; this more or less the standard these days.

Consider, for example, when a mobile development is introduced, as shown in Figure 2.1. Not only do the SAP Mobile related toolsets have to be installed, but the following are also required:

  • SAP Cloud Platform SDK (software development kit) for iOS or Android
  • Mobile Development Kit
  • SAP Mobile Cards

Within such a project, the related components also have to be analyzed and changed accordingly.


Figure 2.1: Additional functionality affects the SAP Cloud Connector

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