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First Steps for Building SAPUI5 Mobile Apps

Overwhelmed with the options for building mobile apps with SAPUI5? This guide offers a comprehensive introduction to SAP UI5 mobile apps in Eclipse, SAP Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Visual Studio. Explore how to build business and data-driven application...



  • Introduction
  • 1 Introduction to Mobile Development
  • 2 SAPUI5 Development
  • 3 Model View Controller (MVC)
  • 4 SAPUI5 apps with Eclipse
  • 5 SAP Mobile Platform Server
  • 6 SAP Mobile Platform SDK
  • 7 SAPUI5 with SAP Cloud Platform
  • 8 Building Apps with the SAP Cloud Platform
  • 9 Building SAPUI5 Apps with Visual Studio
  • 10 Resources
  • 11 References
  • A   The Author
  • B   Disclaimer

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2.1 Open UI5

SAPUI5 is the focus of app development, but there is also an option to use OpenUI5. This is available for everyone, whereas SAPUI5 is available to developers using platforms that support SAP customers. The majority of the controls are available in both environments, with the exception of new editions which are usually featured in the SAPUI5 Development Toolkit for HTML5 (see Chapter 10).


This is an open source JavaScript library for building enterprise applications. The open source environment provides a software development kit (SDK) for development needs.

SAPUI5 is very flexible because it can be used with Eclipse, SAP Cloud Platform and Visual Studio, along with many other development options. Table 2.1 lists the libraries supported for SAPUI5. The sap.m library is used in this book because it contains the necessary controls for mobile app development. Mobile apps also use sap.ui for user experience and standard controls.

sap.ui.comp sap.m sap.table sap.ushell
sap.uxap sap.gantt sap.ui.core
sap.ui.layout sap.ui.unified sap.ui.table

Table 2.1: SAPUI5 libraries

The namespace sap.m is used for mobile devices and desktops. A list of all available controls is located under the API Reference tab in the SAPUI5 Development Toolkit.

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