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C. Zollmer

First Steps in SAP Business Warehouse (BW)

Companies are leveraging the power of big data and are tasked with putting an infrastructure in place that will allow for the analysis of this data. One essential piece of that infrastructure is the data warehouse (DWH). This book offers a comprehensive i...



  • Preface
  • 1 Introduction to SAP BW 7.3
  • 2 Basic objects in the SAP BW layer
  • 3 The SAP ETL process
  • 4 Administration tools and process chains
  • 5 SAP BI Content
  • 6 Data access optimizations
  • 7 Designing queries
  • 8 Reporting
  • A   About the Author
  • B   Disclaimer

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2.1 InfoProviders

InfoProviders are objects that provide data for a query. They can be persistent (data is stored physically and persistently) or non-persistent (they provide only data stored in other objects such as data targets).

Queries and InfoProviders

A query can only be based on a single InfoProvider. The non-persistent InfoProviders are often used to combine data from various persistent InfoProviders and present the results as if they were one source.

2.1.1 The InfoProviders list

The persistent InfoProviders (also called data targets) are mainly the InfoObject, DataStore Object (DSO), and the InfoCube. The non-persistent InfoProviders are the MultiProvider, InfoSet, and the VirtualProvider (see Figure 2.1). From SAP BW 7.3 on, new advanced InfoProviders are available to respond to new technologies (e.g., in-memory database), including: BWA only InfoCube, semantically partitioned objects (SPO), Hybrid Provider, analytical index, Composite Provider, and TransientProvider.

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