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SAP S/4HANA Rollout Strategies and Best Practices

This expertly written guide dives into how to create effective strategies for rolling out SAP S/4HANA. Identify the best rollout approach for your organization. Take a deep dive into the most common approach and learn how to build a global templ...



  • Preface
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  • 1 Why are we doing this?
  • 2 How are you going to do this?
  • 3 Guiding principles for requirements
  • 4 Managing the program
  • 5 Leading the change
  • 6 Implementing and going live
  • 7 Supporting and maintaining
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Aušra Gustainienė, Damian Jordan


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2.2 Defining template, global, and global template

Before we start talking about the details and the “HOW”, let’s align on the terminology so it’s clear to you what we mean by “template”, “global,” and “global template.”

2.2.1 What is a template?

When you are working on something repeatedly, you should create a template to avoid having to create everything from scratch every time. With templates, you can tweak them based on existing needs. An example could be your status report – it would be crazy to create the project report from the beginning each time, so you take the previous one and adjust it to reflect the current status. You can do the same with SAP implementation projects.

For example, if a large organization is operating in different locations but performing almost the same functions across the region, your SAP implementations almost look alike. So, what you do is create an implementation template and use it across your organization, just as you do for your status report.

Utilizing an SAP global template allows you to avoid lengthy and costly implementations in multiple locations. Moreover, it not only saves time and lowers the cost of implementations, it also keeps the same standards for solution support and operation procedures. For example, your support organization could provide similar support to the whole organization in the same fashion by following a template each time.

The term “template” also covers non-technical areas. For example, as part of the TOM, you can define a clear organizational template to drive standardization on how an organization operates.

2.2.2 What is meant by global?

Something called global refers to something that is common and standard everywhere. Local means something unique to a specific region, country, division, or business unit working as a separate company.

When defining a template scope and requirement, it is very important that all entities (rollout units) agree to what is “global” versus “local.”

2.2.3 What is a global template?

A global template is a solution core for standardized processes, structures, systems, and data used by all business units and entities, regardless of geographical location. The global template essentially drives the foundation for the building of the global ERP solution and forms the basis for the successful organization-wide rollout of business and IT processes.

Global template – think beyond the software

A global template is much more than a system or software solution. The global template’s scope should cover business, technology, and methodology aspects.

Your global template will be incomplete if it does not cover these three aspects:

  • Business (processes and organizational structure)
  • Technology (system, IT architecture, and data structures)
  • Methodology (Change Leadership, governance, implementation, and deployment)

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