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The goal is digital transformation

From process optimization to the perfect business model



  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Tackling change
  • 3 Ability to transform in practice: Where does your company stand?
  • 4 Reality Check: Results of a basic analysis and their evaluation
  • 5 Tackling instead of waiting
  • 6 The IGDCR network
  • 7 Outlook
  • 8 The authors

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Otto Schell, Dr. Detlef Werner, Herbert Kindermann, Sebastian Westphal


IT Management




2.1 Localization and standardization as a prerequisite for global solutions

The previous consideration of the 4 dimensions is transferable to multinational and global solutions – supplemented by two additional facets:

1. The company view / process evaluation: Even if the path to Industry 4.x has been comprehensively planned, it is important to also support the rollout into regional markets in a targeted manner. In each country, we are confronted with cultural and legal aspects that need to be taken into account and can have a significant impact on acceptance by employees, partners and customers – so blunt rolling out global(software) solutions and processes is not an alternative. Without a thorough examination of the legal framework conditions and the training in intercultural management, a transformation and the resulting projecte will not be successful – or even fail.

A suitable software helps in the implementation: If – as in many – companies software solutions of large manufacturers such as e.g. SAP SE are used, the localized implementation is greatly facilitated, since these systems already offer the localization as part of the software and thus already cover the most important legal requirements. Likewise, the surfaces of these solutions are already provided in the essential countries / translations, without which the previously mentioned effects of transformations would be difficult to realize.

2. Standardization in the company: The structuring and standardization of all essential processes of a company is an essential foundation for the transformation capability of a company and concerns various factors, such as e.g. processes, data, IT components or even the internal rollout of information. This standardization must be analyzed in detail and on a case-by-case basis but should follow the rule of thumb: “As global as possible, as local as necessary”.

3 Ability to transform in practice: Where does your company stand?

The software landscape in companies has often grown historically and is heterogeneously shaped by decentralized decisions for different systems as well as by individual in-house developments or company mergers. For example, ERP or CRM systems from different vendors are often used in different divisions or on the basis of different, outdated release levels.

In order to compete with tomorrow's digital companies, a consistent inventory of your business situation is required – which analyzes the following basic dimensions:

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